Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Cook/baker's wish list

Dear Santa,
as you already know I have been a good girl, mostly... So here's my wish list:

My Little Cupcake Mould
A bunch of candy melts
Lolly Sticks
Food Color pen sets
and if you won the lottery, a kitchenaid mixer.

That list is mostly to share some goodies Santa. So you see, I am being a good girl. Any Kcup coffee/tea/hot chocolate is also accepted!

I will leave cookies for you on Christmas Eve. If there is none left, I am sorry but I blame hubby. Or Karine... Or Scott....


It's pure torture to see all those cool cakes/cupcakes/cakepops and not be able to make some due to lack of material in Quebec stores. Just the Candy melts, I can't find anything so my choices are different variations of chocolate color coating: white, milk or dark. Even adding food coloring doesn't really help. I can't find gel coloring anywhere, I am stuck with the liquid one. Trying to make a red velvet cake with red liquid food coloring does NOT work well.

I'd love to take an afternoon of decorating cake pops with a friend or two and a glass of wine or two... and more...

Just look at those cuties from My Little Cupcake's blog

Cute, no?

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